About Us

Refined and reborn from what started as Marbecs boutique. Refined Statement is a self funded store by a mother of two. 

Our jewellery is made from recycled gold and stainless steel materials. Outsourced from Lisbon, Portugal and some parts of Europe.

Every piece we stock is responsibly sourced and designed to the best quality. We are inspired by antique jewellery, artistry and natures imperfection. With a drive and mission to make high-quality pieces for everyone however they shine. 

To us, values are more powerful that products.
Refined statement is a value oriented brand, we do not believe in persuasion marketing, impulse-buy, time restriction urgency, empty claims, scarcity strategies, FOMO, gimmicky advertising or all-the-time-unrealistic discounts and manipulative sales tactics. 
We believe in making a genuine connection with our customers.

Our motto is "Quality over Quantity". Every little piece is uniquely picked and production numbers limited.




A small message from OUR FOUNDER BECKY.

Refined Statement is a more redefined reborn part of something I have been doing for years now. The idea behind jewellery started mainly because of my desire for bold, unique and timeless gold pieces. I have always been in search of a more fashion forward yet high quality designed jewellery that complemented my style and creativity.
In 2014 I joined partnership and launched an online boutique that operated for 6 years before closing and I decided to go solo. That is when Refined Statement started. The aim is that, fast forward 10 or more years to build a community who values unique design, quality pieces, bold in all fashion sense and yet somehow responsible and with a more sustainable  production.